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Dessert tart with sweet cheese and cherries

Dessert tart with sweet cheese and cherries

First make a tender dough from: white flour, salt, butter, sugar, vanilla and an egg. When the dough is well bound and uniform, non-sticky and elastic, put it in a food foil, flatten it and leave it in the fridge for at least an hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Mix well the well drained cottage cheese with: sugar, vanilla, the two eggs, grated peel of a lemon and finally, white flour. A bound and homogeneous filling is obtained.

The cherries are removed from the jam and placed in a sieve to drain the syrup.

After an hour, take the tender dough out of the fridge and spread a thin sheet on the plate sprinkled with flour. In the form of baking, greased with butter, put the sheet of dough and cut the edges that protrude beyond the walls of the tray (from them will be made strips, for grilling).

Fill the tray with the cheese filling and level. The dough is shaped / curled by hand around the tart, to give it a beautiful appearance.

Spread another thin (rectangular) sheet of the remaining dough and cut 1 cm wide strips. Arrange these strips over the filling, like a grid. Then fill the gaps in the grill with the sour cherries, drained of syrup and grease the dough (grill) with a well-mixed egg, then put the tray in a well-heated oven over medium heat.

When the dough has browned, make the toothpick test, remove the tray from the oven and powder with powdered sugar. The tart is cut only after it has cooled completely. Keep in the fridge until completely consumed, as it contains easily altered foods (eggs, butter cheese).


To make a fragile dough, the butter must be cold, barely removed from the refrigerator.


The dough can be made the day before.


To make a successful tart, the cottage cheese must be well drained.


Mix the filling ingredients well. If the cottage cheese is not well drained (and you no longer have time to do so) you will need to supplement the amount of flour until the filling is bound, not soft.


Cherry jam should be drained of syrup.


You can also use cherries preserved with aspirin, for the winter, but still drained of the liquid they left.


Do not cut the strips too wide to leave the necessary space between them.


Do not remove the cake from the baking tin and do not cut it until it has cooled completely.


Keep the tart in the fridge until done, as it contains slightly perishable ingredients (butter, cheese, eggs).

Dessert tart with sweet cheese and cherries - Recipes

Orthodox Easter is approaching and we are preparing specific recipes.
I thought of these pastries as soon as I received the sweet cheese from the village, from my family. And since I never did Pascute, I thought now was the right time.
The dough is like cake, I used it many times in a few recipes also with sweet cheese, the top!
The recipe is approximately identical to that of Sweet Cheese Roses and Sweet Cheese Wheat, only in a different form.

I wish you a happy Easter!

500g of flour,
30g yeast,
25g sugar,
3 eggs (2 for dough, 1 for greased)
150-200 ml milk,
100g margarine / butter,
1 tablespoon Kotanyi lemon peel,
1 tablespoon orange peel.

500g fresh cow's cheese,
50g candied fruit (pineapple, papaya, melon),
1 teaspoon grated lemon peel Kotanyi,
2 eggs,
200g old,

Make a yeast out of the yeast with a tablespoon of sugar, 2-3 tablespoons of milk and 1-2 tablespoons of flour. Mix well until a paste is formed.
It is left to rise until it doubles in volume. I left for an hour.

In a bowl sift flour, sprinkle a teaspoon of salt, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 small eggs, Kotanyi lemon peel and orange.

Pour the mayonnaise over all these ingredients and knead well, adding the milk and 50g of melted butter, liquid, until the dough comes off the hand.

Leave to rise in a bowl that you have greased with 25g of liquid butter, in a warm place, cover well, say a "God help!" and you can make a cross out of dough- it really helps -)

Meanwhile, prepare the cheese filling: mix the sweet cheese with the two eggs, sugar and finely chopped candied fruit.

We prepare the trays that we grease with the remaining 25g of butter.

After the dough has risen, it is divided into 8 equal pieces. Or into 8 balls that you draw from the word and take a little more of the dough, a tiny ball, from which we will make the cross.

With the lid on a thermos - I didn't find anything else: P- I pressed the balls

and in the formed depth I put the cheese.
Over the cheese, from the small ball that we divide in two, we make two strings that we overlap, resulting in a cross.

Place the pastries in the trays, leave them to rise a little (15 minutes), during which time grease them with beaten egg on the edge of the dough and on the cross.

They were quite large, I could barely fit four grazes in the Delimano tray.

Bake in the oven over medium heat until golden brown.

It is eaten plain or powdered with sugar.

I didn't powder them with sugar anymore.

They were very good, they were finished quickly, despite the fact that they were very big and you were quickly fed up with one -)

I wish you a happy Easter and make Easter smaller than mine -)


How good it looks. I was just thinking about what else to do at Orthodox Easter, that I did almost everything at Catholic Easter, but now I know, I'm going to do these Easter meals too. I see what else. puppp !!

Alas, how cute they are.
If I stay and. they smell better, their aroma has reached me.
I wish you well and continue relaxing Sunday!

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What a flour combination. Do you give it to us?

It looks divine, I don't even want to think about what smells were in your kitchen. a beautiful Sunday !! 1

Wow. looks beastly. Maybe I'll try it once, when my husband is gone, so that he doesn't see what I'm putting in the composition (cheese !!), because it's not a cake. :)) am finished with leche.dar go today and will be good.sounds pop.

You might not do something great today.
Monkeys, have a sunny Sunday!

How good it looks. I want it too.

Beautiful Sunday and you dear Aziz! : *

Thank you very much Mariana! : *

Felis, if you can fool him, that's fine. :)))

Have a nice Sunday and dear Diana! Glue kisses!

I look forward to seeing you Ghiocel! : *

Very good. And light.
P.S. I made the roll with the sheet according to your recipe. It came out great! Mersic.

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The ideal combination. Kisses and beautiful Sunday!

hello, what can I replace it with, sweet milk? thanks.

In this recipe it cannot be replaced with anything. The key and the flavor of this cake are just sweet. In the list of & quottarte and cheesecake & quot you will find more ideas for cheesecakes. I hope you find something you like.

I didn't know that dulce de leche, it's condensed milk, now I know, and I made several pies with condensed milk iron, it's very good, this cake looks great and I want to make it this week too, thanks for the recipes so good ,kiss you

This sweet leche drives me crazy, so many great recipes with it.

Dear Miha, I come back to offer you a prize. I'm waiting for you to pick it up from my blog! Many kisses!

You just drove me crazy. wonder. Superb evening Miha!

Oh, I didn't even get on the blog well and I already hate you :))))
The cakes look deadly!

Mihaela, thank you for the recipe, it's made very quickly in five minutes and it's already in the oven, I have a blur that means medium heat, now I keep it at 176 degrees C, I hope it's good.
dear Nadia Petcov

Nadia, it's fine the way you did. Average fire means 180-190 degrees.

Enjoy it with pleasure! I wish you a beautiful Sunday!

box of dulce de leche, how much does it have?
I buy 430g borane, but it seems to me
a lot, is that so?
Thanks for the reply,

Yes, the box weighs 400 grams, I don't know exactly. Not much considering that there are 700 g of cheese and eggs. But if you like it a lot, gradually put it on and stop when you reach the degree of sweetness that satisfies you. )

I come back with results: I put the whole jar (450g) of dulce de leche and it turned out very well. We really liked the cake. Thanks for the recipe.

Sweet cheese pie and spices

German-inspired sweet with a scent of ethnic mix, this pie is a good for all Transylvanians. You can find it on all the tables, through all the houses with rags in curtains and woven sacks stretched to dry under old walnuts, with colorful flowers embroidered on them and on the squares. I found it in Bihor, in Banat, in Salaj, in Cluj, in Mures, in Alba or in Sibiu, in Bucovina, even especially in Maramures. I found her on the tables of the Macedonians from Transylvania, right through the houses of the Lipovans and I found her, accompanying me through the kitchens of the Armenians, few of whom remained in the Cluj area.

A piece of northern Transylvania, Maramures
Unpretentious and friendly, this cake is a delight of the days when you miss the tradition that you easily push towards modernity, as is your imagination and freedom to create.

I have this recipe from my mother, and she has it from the "dwarfs" from the villages near Dej. I improved it with the flavors that the grandmothers from the Tyrol area put in the cheese and with the Hungarian style of giving "fluff" to the dough. It is a recipe without a precise place and without age, it is torn from "Little Europe" which is Transylvania.

Dessert with cow's cheese and cherries & # 8211 a cold-served recipe

Dessert with cow's cheese and cherries

The dessert with cow's cheese and cherries is a pampering of the taste of the much-loved sweet and sour taste.

It is a quick dessert (good for mothers) and healthy (ideal for the little ones).

Ingredients first layer of dessert with cow's cheese and cherries

  • 1 or
  • 8 tablespoons sugar
  • 6 tablespoons oil
  • 8 tablespoons milk
  • 8 tablespoons flour
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • 1/2 baking powder quenched with lemon

Ingredients second layer dessert with cow's cheese and cherries

  • 500 gr cow's cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • cherries (1 jar of sour cherry compote)

Method of preparation

Separate the egg white from the yolk and beat it with foam, gradually add the sugar, egg yolk, oil, milk, vanilla sugar, baking powder quenched with lemon and incorporate the flour with a wooden spoon turning from bottom to top.

Mix the cheese with the 2 eggs, sugar and sour cherries (melted and squeezed from the syrup).

Put the two layers in the tray lined with white paper, lard and flour (or baking paper if you have).
Put in the oven at the right heat until the top is browned (cheese layer).

Be sure to leave to cool and only then remove from the pan and slice.

ingredients Baking powder quenched with lemon Ingredients for the first layer of cake beaten with a mixer Flour incorporated in the composition of the first layer Tray covered with white paper, lard and flour The first layer in the baking tray Cherry blossoms Visine la stors Cheese cream Cherries over cream cheese The 2 layers Dessert with cow's cheese and cherries

Cheesecake and cherries!

A dessert for those on a diet! Cook and enjoy such a tart so that you do not eat all kinds of sweets that contain many calories.

Ingredients for 8 servings:

-250 g of skimmed cow's cheese

Method of preparation:

1. Crush the oatmeal in the grinder.

2.Put the oatmeal powder in a bowl, mix it with 2 egg whites and water. An elastic dough will be received. Leave the composition for 10 minutes for the oatmeal powder to swell.

3. Grease the baking tin with olive oil (I used a 28 cm diameter pan) and place the dough, level it and create the edges.

4. Prick the dough with a fork so that it does not swell. Put it in the preheated oven at 175 ° for 15 minutes.

5. Melt the honey. Mix the cherries with half the amount of honey. (You can defrost the cherries and squeeze the juice well, so that they don't leave much juice while the cake is baking)

6. In a separate bowl, mix the remaining honey with the egg white and cottage cheese.

7. Allow the countertop to cool. Then put the cream cheese, level. Arrange cherries on the tart. Bake for another 30 minutes.

Video: Smiths Cherry Cheese Pie (January 2022).