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What We’re Loving: Neiman Marcus’ Dome Flatware Caddy

What We’re Loving: Neiman Marcus’ Dome Flatware Caddy

Store your utensils in style

When it comes to setting the table, styles differ between a casual dinner and a formal affair. Each has coordinating plates, glasses, servingware, and flatware fit for the occasion. Put simply, everyday dining pieces tend to be super affordable whereas china can tend to be very expensive.

Here’s how we see it — if you’re going to spend the money, why not either use it as often as you can, showcase it well, or how about both? China cabinets are meant for your crystal and your china, but your fine flatware tends to get pushed in the drawer.

With this clever glass flatware caddy, put the utensils on display as you do everything else. It looks beautifully organized and it protects the pieces at the same time — a fantastic dual purpose.

It’s great for storage when you’re not using it, but add it to a buffet table along with plates so guests can easily grab a fork and a knife before serving themselves.

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