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Between-Season Centerpieces

Between-Season Centerpieces

Ideas for your table between the big holidays

These simple centerpieces will last your year-round.

It's not always obvious how we should decorate our tables to keep them seasonal and fun. Sure, each month has something worth celebrating, but sometimes we just want our table to look great for a dinner party or afternoons coffee with friends. With Labor Day on its way out and the deep autumn ahead, we are left in a state of transitional décor. Centerpieces that are too summery are outdated, and anything for autumn seems too eager. For these times, look to transitional pieces that are simply beautiful and can be altered to your tastes.

The best part about transitional décor is the limitless options. You can look to your bookshelf and artfully arrange books for a textured look. You don’t have to fill vases with flowers to make your table look beautiful — simply arrange multi-colored, multi-tiered vases to your liking across a plain table runner. Even kitchen items like unique tea cups stacked on a cupcake tier or a plain glass teapot surrounded by a few votives would be an evergreen look that would add elegance to your tabletop.

But if you can’t quite let go of incorporating some seasonal items into your tablescape, there are plenty of year-round centerpieces that can be tweaked for any holiday or time of year. We found some excellent inspiration on Etsy to start with. With these additions to your décor inventory, you can have the best dressed table all year long!

10 Ways to Make the Most of the In-Between Season

The sun is shining, the temps are above freezing the snow is melting! Spring is finally here. Well…almost.

With our unpredictable weather here in Minnesota, we’re never really in the clear that it’s officially Spring until probably mid-April/beginning of May. Ok, if we’re being really honest, the 2nd week of May. Inevitably, we will get a cold snap or a couple more snow dumps before winter finally gives up and leaves us alone until October.

However, that does not stop us from getting super excited that the signs of spring are coming. Am I the only one who notices suddenly that a few birds have returned, watches eagerly for the first robin sighting, relishes seeing the grass after the snow melts, and inevitably sunburns her face because she forgot to put sunscreen on and was outside all afternoon? No? Just me?? Ok. I just desperately want winter to be over, and for it to be SPRING ALREADY!

However, in this weird middle season–not quite done with winter, and not fully spring–there are still a lot of things to do and enjoy. Here are 10 ways to make the most of this in-between season.

  1. Get out the bikes. As soon as the snow melts off the sidewalks, get out the bikes. Let the kids tear around on their bikes with all that energy they have pent-up from the long winter. It’s still cold out, so make sure to put a thin hat on under their helmet to keep little ears warm, and add a neck warmer so the cold wind doesn’t give them a scratchy throat. Encourage them to ride through puddles, and make water tracks up and down the sidewalk.
  2. Puddle jumping! As the snow melts, there is running water and puddles everywhere. Embrace the mess by putting your kids in their boots (and snow pants, if needed), and letting them jump to their hearts’ content. Puddle jumping is a great way to burn off energy, and is one of the joys of childhood– no matter what age!
  3. Build boats, and send them down the rivers in the gutters. As a kid, this was one of my favorite activities to do during the spring melt, and my boys love it too. Build a simple boat out of recyclables, and float them down the streams that form from the snow melt in the gutters on the side of the road. Chase it to the bottom of the hill, then bring it up to the top and do it again! (Notes: Do not let boats go into storm drains. As always, children should be supervised near any roads).
  4. Break out the sidewalk chalk and bubbles! As soon as the driveway or sidewalk has some big dry patches, get out the sidewalk chalk and cover it with doodles and drawings in chalk. Bubbles are a blast anytime, and it’s such a fun way for kids to get excited about the changing season.
  5. Switch up your décor. Put away the last of your winter decorations. Get out your spring decorations. Put out some daffodils or tulips (Trader Joe’s is a great place to pick up fresh spring flowers). Make some spring-themed window decorations with the kids.
  6. Go through everyone’s clothes. Now, in the in-between time, is a good time to locate the warm-weather clothes, take inventory of what fits and what doesn’t. The up and down weather in Minnesota means that after a stretch of temps in the 30s, it will suddenly be 70 and the kids will need their shorts. Make sure everyone has rainboots and rain coats that fit. Need some great rainboots that won’t break the bank? We love LoneCone boots.
  7. Stock up on sunscreen. As mentioned in the intro, springtime sunburns can happen quickly. Be prepared, and make sure you have sunscreen on hand (and on everyone’s faces) now.
  8. Do those annoying springtime chores now, so when it’s really nice out, you can enjoy it more. Take down the Christmas lights, if you haven’t already. Pick up the dog poop in the yard while it’s still frozen and relatively easy to scoop. Sweep the sand out of the garage and off the front steps, sidewalk, and driveway. Shake out the rugs.
  9. Have a firepit? Make a bonfire! Find all of the 73,874 pieces of paper that the kids have dragged home and accumulated from school, preschool, or daycare. Scoop together all of the junk mail. Gather all of the cardboard or paper grocery bags. Collect dead sticks that fell off the trees over the winter. Make a bonfire, and celebrate cleaning the junk paper out of the house (and out of your drawers/kitchen counter!) by roasting marshmallows and making smores.
  10. Hike! Put on boots, and go hiking on one of the many trails in and around Rochester. Quarry Hill and Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo are great places to go hiking year-round. The trails are maintained and are a great way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, no matter the season.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy the in-between season? Add them in the comments!

Easy Ways to Dress Up the Summer Table

Some simple summer centerpieces and decorating ideas, like perky sunflowers and personalized place cards, can elevate a low-key meal and make it feel fabulous.

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Photo By: Melanie Grizzel ©2012, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel ©2012, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Simple, Stylish Solutions

Summer is the season of leisurely dinner parties, dining alfresco and plenty of last-minute entertaining. The longer days and warmer weather make us want to linger on the patio with friends (and give our kids "five more minutes!" in the pool). But the laid-back vibe of the season doesn’t mean you can't have a fantastic-looking table, too. These easy tips will help you turn your next event –– or any summer meal –– into a gathering you'll remember.

Fruit at the Forefront

Create an easy centerpiece with fresh seasonal fruit. An urn-shaped vase filled with oranges or a simple white bowl of fresh yellow lemons can instantly brighten any table.

Plates With Personality

Make an everyday dinner feel special by adding a simple white place card to each guest's place setting. Dress it up even more by adding a single fresh flower to each plate.

Tabletop Sunshine

Celebrate summer with a row of cheerful sunflowers down the middle of your table.

Picnic Ring Roulette

Dress up a plain picnic table by using mismatched vintage napkins in silver napkin rings.

A Flight of Fancy

Break out the good stuff! Even if you seldom host events that require formal china, crystal and silver, you can use just one of these elements to make an everyday table feel special. For example, your grandmother's antique silver can look great alongside your everyday dishwasher-friendly plates and glasses.

Specialty Sipware

Invest in specialty glasses to go with your favorite drink! Whether it's a set of handblown margarita glasses or silver (or silver-plated) mint julep cups, guests will enjoy sipping specialty drinks from their intended barware.

Homespun Menus

Create a custom menu card to give a casual gathering a polished feel. Type and print from your home computer or hand-write a short description of each course to add the gourmet touch to any meal.

Centerpieces from the Kitchen

When produce is at its peak, it&aposs hard to resist the call of farmers&apos market stalls -- we just can&apost whoosh by without stuffing our bags! When test kitchen director Diana Sturgis scored some multicolored cauliflower, she found a way to get more mileage out of her purchase: Use the heads to make vegetable "bouquets" before cooking them. "It&aposs a great way to get my grandkids to love their veggies, too!" she says.

Garden Variety

When we needed a designer to give the ol’ fruit-bowl centerpiece a remix, we knew exactly who to call. Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy and author of Apartment Therapy&aposs Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces, constantly dreams up inspiring new twists on simple decor. He taught us how to top our tables with this fresh arrangement. To make it, top a few cake stands or footed bowls with heirloom tomatoes of various shapes and colors. Place a few smaller plates or bowls around, filling each with another tomato or two. Finish the farm-to-table look by scattering singles or bundles (still on the vines) around the glassware.

From Summer to Autumn: Setting A Table for the “In-between” Season

Needless to say my dining room is important – it’s the center of community, where I spend late nights and weekend mornings with the sweetest of friends. Therefore…a beautiful table setting is a must as it’s the atmosphere that’s set in place for creating moments. The seasons – or what I like to call the “in-between seasons” – provide endless inspiration for my dining room.

So what is an “in-between season”?

It’s that beautiful, short span of time toward the end of a season, when you can feel the change in the weather, smell the shifting in the air, see the colors start to change.

Are you thinking it is too early to pull out the orange pumpkins, and too late for vibrant, flashy tones? Not so : ).
In-between seasons provide freedom to mix the colors of the “current season” with the colors of the “coming season.” This is when I turn to Anthropologie for inspiration.

Theme & Color Scheme:

I believe in embracing every moment.

The first step to redesigning your dining room table is to slow down and think about what you love about the current and coming seasons. Jot those things down. This will help determine the theme and colors for your table setting and also provide a point of inspiration to carry you through the project.

Dishes & Decor:

I believe in being practical.

No need to start from scratch every time. There are often great things tucked away in our home or apartments that can be pulled out, dusted off and used to pair with the new. See what you might have stashed away and what you need to buy. Once you select your favorite dishes…it’s time to go to Anthro to bring your vision to life. PS – some of my favorite Anthropologie items can be found at the bottom of this post with links!

You don’t need to live in the countryside to create a beautiful, unique table.

Head to the grocery store or market for the finishing touches. Everything you need to create the right vibe is there!

Use unexpected things you’ve never used before and gather them from unexpected places….

I used sunflowers, fresh dill, purslane, and a special variety of Oyster mushrooms that totally look like roses petals! I also used wild grass that I snatched on my walk home from the store next to a random parking lot : ).

Don’t forget your walls and windows! Picture frames don’t always require photos. Try framing pages from old books to elevate the room and swap out curtains to change the feel of a room instantly. I chose two totally different panel sets, and paired them next to each other for an unexpected twist.

Table & Set Up:

It’s time to set the table! This should totally be a fun and creative experience. Plan a meal while you’re at it – that way you can invite a few friends over early to help set up and then relax and enjoy the moment. Have coffee and drinks ready – it’s the perfect opportunity to connect and create together.

You’ll need a long or round table with a separate mini-bar (perfect for pre-brunch champagne & mimosas). I pulled my favorite off-white macrame runner that I got last year from Anthro – it never gets old (find it here!) and a linen tablecloth from my linen closet. These two together turned out to be the perfect pairing with my new items.

Next, grab your chopping board, dishes, and decor items. Start with the table settings (utensils, napkins, plates, and glasses). After those are in place, grab the bowls you want to use for food or decor. I always include a chopping board, as it’s uses are endless. Use it to display edibles for your table -or- for instance, a centerpiece spread of any type.

A beautiful brunch spread to share with friends and family is always a win for me. Grab your grocery items and/or make these pumpkin nutella bites, dark chocolate waffles, or this to die for paleo granola that I can’t ever get enough of!!

Start placing each item on and around the table. Lay it all out beautifully but intentionally – a bountiful table is always welcoming and beautiful, just ensure it’s not cluttered.

Then – step back, take the beauty in, and invite your friends to take a seat. Enjoy the Summer to Autumn “in-between seasons” with those you love… this is what beauty and embracing every moment looks like.

Here’s some of my favorite Anthropologie pieces I chose for the room design!

Decker Five shelf Bookshelf
Platte Rug
Redsmith Dining Chair
Pinch Pleat Curtain 108X50 – whisper grey
Cotton Tie-Top Curtain 108X50 – ivory
Lariat Hanging Frame
Neona Flatware
Marbled Glenna Dinner Plate
Sicily Cheese Board

57 Breathtaking Ideas for Spring Centerpieces and Table Decorations

There's no better way to set the scene for spring than with a colorful tablescape. These stunning ideas for spring centerpieces and table decorations will surprise and delight your dinner guests all season long. Plus, they're unbelievably easy and inexpensive to DIY. Whether a fun flower arrangement in an unexpected vessel or a simple place setting, these creative crafts are the best way to celebrate spring in style.

With a Mason jar, baby's breath, and butterfly stickers, this spring centerpiece truly couldn't look more cheerful if it tried.

Get the tutorial at Design Improvised.

This vibrant table runner brings the best of both worlds&mdashdelicate flowers and sweet fruit. Add a bit of greenery to unify the natural look.


I definitely don’t decorate for seasons. I have a TON of Christmas decor I put out and that lasts for over a month. My girls make me put out a few bunnies and pumpkins at Easter and Halloween (and I really hate them…especially the Halloween stuff because orange is a color I would never in a million years decorate with, especially Halloween orange). But the rest of the year I do nothing and I’m quite happy that way. I’ve never thought of changing things out. I don’t think I would enjoy the constant change and storage of non seasonal items. Christmas is enough to do me in, which is why it’s up for over a month. When I get a room the way I like it I don’t want to change it!

Amen! I hate themes! And as a working mom, I don’t have the time or the energy to keep changing everything. I only buy those things that I love and I want to see them all year long. I wish more decorating sites were like this one and addressed the need to do less seasonal/themed decorating :)

For as long as I can remember (even before I bought my first apartment when I was in my very early 20’s), I’ve always enjoyed buying home decorating magazines, and admiring all the decorating for the seasons, etc.

For some reason, however, other than decorating for Christmas, I have *never* changed my decor by the seasons. I don’t know why, other than perhaps not having the money to go out and buy new stuff, or don’t have time, or whatever, so although I’ve had every good intention of doing so, it hasn’t happened yet.

Maybe it is time! Even little changes can be fun!

I’m more of a seasons person. I really don’t like decorating for the holidays, it feels too forced for me. Right now my house is pretty neutral, it’s not wintry or spring. But I’m sure soon as the weather gets nicer ill want to display some of that in my home. I also try to really buy things that I’ll love all year long, I think when you love something you won’t mind looking at it all year. And if things are feeling stale I just move things around to make them feel brand new : ) have a fabulous day!

Like you, I decorate for seasons changing things up as the year evolves. Right now, my mantel has some forced magnolia blooms which have just opened. Cut about two weeks ago, they are ready to bring some sunshine into the room. I did put away the pinecones that sit in a bowl on the coffee table and (when I get them done) they will be replaced with some decoupaged eggs – done in music sheets and newpaper for a subtle look. Hate going over the top for events like St. Patrick’s Day or Valentines – they are only one day, not a season (there, you have it, my reason for changing things seasonally).

I’m guilty of changing things up for the seasons – I live in New England and I love changing things up four times a year =). Sometimes it’s just the front door wreath and sometimes it’s a few items in the main living area.

I very much decorate seasonally: spring, summer, fall! Christmas and winter. For specific holidays like Valentines, Easter or July 4, I may put just a couple of highlights out for a week or so leading up to the day.

I love to use the natural elements of each season: blossoms, shells, etc.

I decorate for the seasons, with Christmas being more specific. I get really excited after Valentine’s Day to break out the spring stuff. This I’ll do a little at a time with maybe a children’s theme on the mantel too. I LOVE spring, so I love decorating for it anytime!

A pot of miniature daffodils coming into bloom has been my transition joy this year! Sitting on the table, they’ve made many evening meals a real treat. I’ll be planting the bulbs to remember the warmth and hope they brought during those long winter days …

I’ve never decorated by holidays other that Christmas or Thanksgiving. Even for Thanksgiving it is subtle and Fall colors. I would love to have slipcovers made for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter and to be able to swap out a few pillows and/or blankets. I do like the branches in the bottles. But I did put out a new table runner that’s Spring like. I found it at TJMaxx over the weekend. It’s featured in my latest post titled Homemade Brownies if you’d like to see it.

Thank you SO much for this post. This is one of the hardest times to decorate. Something about post Holiday festive decor and then . . . blah. And this is when we need a lift! The pics you chose do just that, add a lift. So thank you :)

Oh I LOVE the bottles with branches. And that moss and mushroom arrangement is so stinkin’ cute I can hardly stand it.
I only completely redo my mantel for Christmas. The rest of the year the main things that change are the flowers or branches that get stuck down in the bottles.
Although, as I was laying in bed last night, I was thinkin’ it’s about time to bust out the Easter tree. :o)

I decorate more by season except Christmas, but this time of year I think is hardest. I have been fiddling around with my mantel this week and can’t seem to det it how I want it. =P We are still using our gas logs so I can’t use flowers or plants yet. And of course there is a big t.v. there. )

Um, can I say both? Our home changes through the seasons, almost naturally without a conscious effort. With four distinct seasons, life and in turn our house decor, changes quite a bit throughout the year. We do also decorate for the holidays. Having kids, I find that decorating for the holidays gives them something to look forward to. We don’t go all out, but we decorate the dining room table or change up the hoop art. We also have a memo board in the living room that we change up. The decorations are simple, handmade and only stay up for a short period of time. We then revert back to the more natural seasonal decor.

I’m so glad I stopped by today. The pictures are very inspiring. It’s time to put up the snowmen (seasonal) and the last of the winter decor (not Christmas. lol) I have forsythia blooming in the yard, and I need to bring it in. I love bringing nature inside, from each season, those are my favorite ways to decorate! Spring is early this year for us, daffodils already bloomed in February! Better go grab that forsythia before these fierce March winds damage them. Thanks for INSPIRING me today!

Spring is my favorite time of year so I probably force it a bit more than most. I start by bringing in some greenery from outside, very much like what you have pictured above in pretty bottles. Then comes the first blooms, camelias floating in pretty bowls, I tend to bring in more white and green to give everything a fresh look. I just LOVE this time of year!! You sound like one verrrry busy lady, xo Kathysue

Seasons…except for Christmas, of course, but then it’s Winter on Jan. 2! It’s mainly about colors & textures for me. My backdrop is neutral so most of the color comes from accessories & artwork. I usually don’t go crazy. I have 2 pieces of artwork that I switch out , create a few vignettes in the living areas of the house, put away my fall/winter cranberry red pillows during the warmer seasons & that’s pretty much it!

Melissa I LOVE the winter mantel!! Perfect!
Right now I am itching to do something. And since today is sunny and soon to be 60…I’m going to go for a walk and see if I can find something to bring inside. I have a couple of primroses…a bargain at the grocery store…which are helping in the meantime. (That is if my cats don’t decide that a primrose salad would be a perfect afternoon treat! I have to be vigilant!) Thanks for the tips…**you are the best** at working with the seasons in a more subtle classy way! I loved the inspiration…and look forward to seeing what you do next.

I love blooming branches. Nice to know I can make my own. The leather wing back chair is fabulous.

Christmas is the only time I go all out. Easter used to be a close second, but we do not have children and the dragging of all the stuff out and then putting it away got to be too much. I am selective about what I display. I must love it. One habit I have developed lately is to display a saying about the holiday in a frame. At Halloween I found a Halloween themed eyechart. I thought it was cute and displayed it in my guest bath. I now use the same frame and change out the art if I find something I like. It makes things interesting as my husband does not know what he will find and it is fun to see how long it takes him to notice it. There are variations on the “Keep Calm” poster and a variety of subway art themes online that are free. This is easy and fun. For the most part the idea of keeping it simple is best for us.

The only holiday I specifically decorate for is Christmas (except this year when I did a little Valentine decorating). Other than that, I usually add a few subtle seasonal decorations. Right now I have a garland of yarn and pinecones across my mantle…which kind of clashes with the reeds and cattails I have above it (leftover from a baby shower). I look forward to seeing how your mantle evolves for spring!

I have young children so I definitely decorate for the holidays. It’s fun for them, and for me too. I also decorate to coordinate with the different seasons. It just always seems necessary to make the room match the outdoors since I live somewhere with four very distinct seasons.

A few vintage holiday touches in our household – have a collection of framed antique holiday postcards that are displayed.
Seasonal decorating on a weekly basis – whatever is happening in the garden ends up in matte green vases on the kitchen counters.
This time of year is just great, with so much pruning going on…..

I like to decorate for seasons more than holidays. I usually plant paperwhite bulbs to bloom for Christmas but this year forgot. When I planted them a few weeks ago I thought they would be a nice peek into Spring. They are blooming right now! They are amazing. I think that I will continue to buy the Christmas paperwhites but save them until February/March from now on. :)

I absolutely LOVE decorating for the season. I just feel like it’s wrong if I have a painting of summer flowers on a wall in the winter! I don’t really care for decorating for holidays (it can get cheesy) except for Christmas, and even then I like to do a more natural Christmas. My Christmas tree this past year had big red poinsettias, pine cones, icicle ornaments, and the occasional woodland creature here and there. I absolutely loved it.

I also stick to things that I love all year round. I am obsessed with anything glass or silver. When I go to a thrift store, my particular weaknesses include glass containers and silver candle sticks. No matter what time of year, you can find them all over my house! :)

Love the branches in the jars! So beautiful…and the leaves also. Simply beautiful.

I agree with you, I much prefer a subtler look. And as some have said, decorating for the seasons feels more authentic to me than decorating for holidays. I love your branch ideas. Bringing some branches inside is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

during a snow storm last week, I desperately needed Spring. must admit I used faux flowers, faux dog, and yes, faux vegetables to bring Spring to my dining room. don’t know how long it will stay, I may need to get real, real soon!

Very tasteful choices. I’m not a Valentines and bunny deorating person so I really enjoyed your take of this in between seasons decorating. Always great posts. Thanks

I tend to allow color to lead my design decisions when it comes to decorating my mantel. Since spring is coming, I needed to brighten the place up. So I just bought some beautiful citron pillows with a black graphic design from Marshall’s for the living room. Found 2 matching lamps at Target. The citron and other colors will make their way onto the mantel in some form.

I am SO not a Holiday decorator- but I love to switch things up w/ the seasons and I decided that on March 1st- winter was out and spring was in :) My Spring Decor is greens, yellows, and some purple as soon as I can get my hands on just the right thing. My linked post shows what I’m talking about exactly.

Yes! Yes! Yes! In between. So ready for spring/summery stuff but can’t bring myself to do it yet. I loved the mantle pick with all the white. That is inspiring. Think I will pull out my white stuff this week. Thanks. Love your blog!

I like to start with the season and add little things for holidays, even “little ” holiday types. Palm Sunday, Midsummer Night, Saint Nicklaus day, Epiphany, and even weird. Ones like Nurse Day or Secretary Day. I am a kid @heart )

How could I forget? Paczkes for Shrove. Aka Fat. Tuesday? Slovak Daddy wud be miffed! )

ARGH! I forgot twice. Best ideas to find demijohns like in first picture? Help? Auctions? Craig’s? Goodwill? Love em but on the cheap. –

I am most inclined to decorate and reinvent when the sun is shining and the skies are blue. I spend the winter crocheting, sewing ….etc and I am intensely thinking of all the projects I can do when the weather is warmer. Of course, only a few get done but it gives me pleasure and motivation to be able to (make) things with my own hands. Btw, I love your mantles and all the glass containers with the branches. Thanks Melissa for all the tips and pictures!

I’m realizing that most of my everyday decor (non-holiday) is based on nature with birds, flowers, candles, nature pictures etc. My problem is decorating during the Winter months following Christmas. I’ve tried to keep out any of my holiday decor that doesn’t scream Christmas, such as pine, pine cones, snowmen, pictures that say “Let it Snow”, etc., but there isn’t enough of it to decorate my very bare house after I put away my mountains of Christmas decor. So I try to get out the bins that hold my everyday decor items, but they just don’t meld well with snowmen and so on. So rather than going out and filling 3 or 4 more bins full of Winter decor, which I really don’t want to do, I end up taking it all down by the 3rd week in January and just going right to the everyday decor that is up most of the year. I don’t decorate for Spring yet per se, no bunnies or peeps, but it sure doesn’t look like Winter either. My Mother-In-Law always did an African theme for January & February with lots of zebra and leopard prints in her throws and pillow, and African masks on the walls and figurines of elephants, tigers and giraffes sitting on her tables mixed in with lots of green plants and black and tan planters. It was something we all looked forward to seeing. I’m not sure where she stored it all, but every couple of months her whole house was transformed. She had the Easter Season, followed by the birds and butterflies season, followed by the frogs and daisies season, followed by owls with fall decorations, then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and then back to the African theme. I’m exhausted just thinking of it! It’s also very hard to do a white theme when your whole house seems to be earth tones of gold, green, burgandy and tan. The red and green of Christmas look wonderful but not the stark white of the winter decor, which seems to go better in neutral settings. I’m at a loss! :/

Effortless and Elegant Summer Table Centerpieces

Summer centerpieces are a great way to add simple elegance to your table. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or just sitting down with your family for a meal, the perfect centerpiece can do a lot to enhance the whole experience. Plus, finding table decorations doesn’t necessarily require breaking the bank. There are plenty of ways to create amazing centerpieces using items you can probably find around the house. Here are a few of Food Network’s favorite ideas for tasteful and effortless summer decor.

If you live near the beach, search for different-shaped shells (this is a great activity to do with the kids) and place them in a nautical-themed pot in the center of your table. If you are far from a beach and no one in your family is a shell collector, shells are inexpensive to buy at craft or design stores. For an added touch, try gluing individual shells on each of your napkin holders.

Enhance your meal with easy-to-do Asian-inspired table decorations. Place disposable chopsticks on brightly colored plates and make purple irises your centerpiece for a fun, colorful display.

Want more interesting ideas like these? Look no further than our Summer Table Centerpieces gallery, part of our Summer Parties Guide.