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Weezer Guitarist Brian Bell Takes an Espresso Machine on Tour

Weezer Guitarist Brian Bell Takes an Espresso Machine on Tour

When it comes to popular American rock bands of the last two decades, few bands have accomplished as much as Weezer. With 10 full-length studio releases, Weezer has sold over 17 million albums worldwide on the strength of still-popular hits like “Say It Ain’t So,” “Beverly Hills,” "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To,” and “Island In The Sun.” The Los Angeles-based quartet is still playing arenas and festival-headlining slots all over the world, which few artists with hit songs in 1994 can still claim to do.

Pacific Daydream, as set for an October 27 release, is the 11th studio album from Weezer. I had the pleasure of briefly talking to guitarist Brian Bell about food and his adopted home of Los Angeles. Weezer – which also includes frontman Rivers Cuomo, bassist Scott Shriner, and drummer Pat Wilson – is currently on tour in Europe.

The Daily Meal: Do you have a favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?
Brian Bell:
Iroha Japanese Restaurant. Serious food. The baked black cod [is a favorite]. I hear the black cod is becoming extinct, so I want to get as much of it in before it does.

Do you have a favorite place in New York? You've been coming to New York for almost 25 years with Weezer.
I honestly don't have a restaurant that I have to go when I'm in New York. With New York, I feel restaurants are more about atmosphere and less about the quality of food. I guess Gemma. I stay at The Bowery Hotel, so I guess the convenience of having Gemma next to The Bowery Hotel is really good.

On your rider, are there any foods you hope to have before a gig?
Definitely water. I have an espresso machine that I bring out on the road that has its own road case. This machine only takes cassettes of Poland Spring and Crystal Geyser, so I make sure that those kinds of water are on the rider.

What do you like to do when you are not busy with music?
That is a hard one. It feels like I am doing that. But to take my mind off that, I have season tickets to the Los Angeles Rams. I'm so excited that the NFL is back in Los Angeles. I love going to those games. I still hold on a bit to my sports upbringing and also being raised in the South, in Tennessee, where football is part of your DNA.

As a Rams fan, were you able to check out Danny Trejo's food truck?
Where is this food truck?

Los Angeles. He also has Trejo's Tacos, Trejo's Cantina and some other restaurants besides that.
I think I can picture him. Good for him. He's "that guy" when they need him... That's one thing I love about Los Angeles, the multi-cultural aspect of it. The Rams is like going to see the [Los Angeles] Dodgers; you're part of that community and feel comfortable. I love it.

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